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implement the idea
of smart city
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Your expectation
Mobility in big cities might become
more efficient and smart
for residents and businesses
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We offer full range of available tools – from productivity software to Internet connectivity and cloud-base services

Software Enterprise Solutions

Advanced technology has given small and midsize businesses access to the same software solutions available to much larger enterprises. We develop customized software solutions, including integration and database management. Our goal is to automate the entire process from end-to-end and offer you the opportunity to achieve greater efficiency. 

Web/Mobile/IoT Solutions

We have wide experience in developing web based and mobile applications. Our business software is now available across mobile platforms – including Android, iOS and Windows – and on devices ranging from smartphones to tablets to profesional hand-held terminals. In the Internet of Thinks we offer creative solutions that may not have been possible in a sensor-less world.

Consulting and Integration Services

SYSTEmEG provide services in technology consulting and software product development. Understanding the holistic view of what your business needs and what it needs to innovate, we are able to deploy best tools and methods to create effective solutions. No matter how big is your company, we have experience to deliver appropriate solutions and achieve sustainable result.

Smart City Technology Solutions

Parking Service Providers

The rapid evolution of technology and the need to meet the rising demand for Smart Parking starts to become obvious. Our solutions powers the delivery of new and better parking services, brings efficiency gains and cost reduction.

Intelligent Parking require a smart approach to new technology!  

Public Transport Agencies

Growing adoption of the Internet and mobile revolution is changing consumer behavior and has driven transit operators to investigate multi-channel approach. Cutting down the use of cash for fares, will increase revenue and make transit more efficient.

Mobile fare enforcement apps can help cities to adapt to this new reality to thrive!

Smart City Communication

Smart city information and communications technology-based solutions, support connection between the city and citizens. We build custom mobile apps along with web platforms to connect with residents  and provide access to city services.

Engage citizens in their communities!

Our innovative ICT solutions bring  measurable financial benefits and savings.      
“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”  
Peter F. Drucker 


The SEG-A system is efficient parking management and law enforcement solution for parking providers.


The SEG-C system is comprehensive law enforcement solution for mass transit providers.


The solutions you need to build Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in your smart and convenient city.

Who we are

We are leading IT company principally engaged in developing specialized software based on modern technologies.  With 15+ years of experience in the use of the latest technologies, we can choose for you these ones that will provide the most effective solution integrated with the software you already use. Creating  smart parking and public transit solutions, we take advantage of professional support of  the best specialist firms. Thanks to our partners we guarantee reliable IT solutions for every project that generates the competitive edge.

Our Technology Partners

SYSTEmEG and our technology partners help cities take advantage of cloud and mobile technologies


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